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Val Morgan Outdoor

VMO is currently Australia’s largest path-to-purchase network. And in 2016 the Australian network will have over 5,000 screens in over 1,000 locations.

In New Zealand we are the first network of Digital screens strategically positioned in office environments. The network is currently under extensive expansion with 20 locations installed and 250 screens planned by end of 2016.

But, we don’t just sell media space.

We offer bespoke creative digital solutions to better engage audiences in every day outdoor environments. We have the most intelligent audience measurement system available in Outdoor ; DART and we custom build campaigns using technologies such as kinetic, programmatic and virtual reality.

Our focus is to deliver engaging, innovative experiences that bring brand strategies to life as well as challenge thinking to create more impactful, bigger, better digital Outdoor.

For more details visit the Val Morgan Outdoor website.

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