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Val Morgan has the tools to strategically plan your marketing campaign to engage cinemagoers at every stage of the cinema experience, before, during and after the film.

Reach your consumer with our measurable, accountable and customised buying options that can be targeted by genre, category and demographic.

Follow Film

Individual movies can be targeted for advertising, which is ideal when creative commonality or synergy exists between the product advertised and a particular movie. Buying by film has limited availability and attracts premium pricing over movie mix campaigns.


MAP campaigns are simple to plan and buy and offer cost effective coverage of the cinema audience and are used by the vast majority of advertisers to reach their specific target markets.
MAP campaigns run across a range of movie titles appealing to the advertisers target market, producing the most rapid coverage of the cinema audience.


Dominating all cinema screens and in turn audience in the Val Morgan network across an individual week. New innovation to build reach quickly and create mass awareness of your ad in the cinema environment.

Target Audience Package

An aggregated Cinema Buying option where advertisers plan closer to the optimum weight level of their target audience. This approach provides advertisers with greater buying efficiency and an opportunity to reach a CPM target within the campaign, with all programming at Val Morgan control.

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Campaign Amplification

Val Morgan has a dedicated integration unit called Brandfit.

Brandfit have established relationships with all exhibitors, film distributors & activation suppliers. Working seamlessly together Val Morgan can amplify your on screen campaign objectives through the likes of cinema stunts, trade nights, consumer promotions, in foyer activations and sampling opportunities.

Check out our case studies for further inspiration.


Val Morgan’s digital foyer network provides a highly impactful and flexible advertising opportunities. Digilites deliver highly engaging content in a clutter-free environment. The digital content is available in 15 second units, with a maximum three minute looped playlist. With 290 screens in 100 key metro cinema locations, digilites are the perfect compliment to broaden the reach of any on-screen campaign.

Screens are positioned vertically in high visibility areas on 50 inch HD screens (no audio). Most cinemas have 3 to 4 screens allowing precise geographic targeting by location.

Cinema is now fully digital which makes production for cinema easier and more cost effective than ever before. Advertisers can now get material to screen in a matter of days with minimal production costs.

Cinema material is required in DCP format. For advertisers without an existing TVC, high-impact full motion commercials can be created at a fraction of the costs normally associated with TVC creation.

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Val Morgan Cinema Network covers over 1,800 cinema screens in metro, regional and country areas providing advertisers access to a sought after audience in a high impact environment.

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