The HALO Effect

Much industry debate is centered around individual channel performance; however, this is not the reality of media advertising. Each channel has both positives and negatives, and the question should be what is the optimum combination of channels and how do they work together to leverage strengths and overcome weaknesses.

Val Morgan has released a thought leadership piece, The Power of the Big Screen: The Role of Cinema in the Mix. Conducted by Kantar Millward Brown, the study validates the role of cinema in the broader audio visual mix. 


Key findings show that cinema;

  • Provides valuable incremental reach to both TV and digital campaigns across a broad age range, but particularly to light or non-TV viewers. 
  • Cost effectively builds brand measures.
  • Play both a complementary and synergistic role with other channels.
  • Sustains campaign metrics over time through unrivalled resonance.
  • Delivers strong impact per spot and high retention.